Parkings in Huelva

Car parks in Huelva

Parking in Huelva will no longer be a problem thanks to iPark, on our website we offer you the possibility of reserving car parks in Huelva and it allows you to park your car if you have to move there. At the moment, you can only choose 1 iPark car park in Huelva, but we will soon have more car parks in Huelva. It’s as simple as reserving a car park in Huelva and relaxing.

To reserve a Huelva car park, you can do so through subscriptions and rotation rates. In the car park, 8 spaces are included for recharging electric cars and a lift. The maximum height of the car park is 2.2 meters.

This type of car park in Huelva is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, making it possible to park any day according to the needs of each person.

Where are our car parks located in Huelva?

Our car park in Huelva is located in the center of the city, the details are:

iPark Hotel Barceló

At the Hotel Barceló Punta Umbría Beach Resort we have a covered car park for both guests and public access in general. The entrance is on Calle de Lomo Blanco, next to the beach. Below you will find the online reservation costs, as well as detailed information on hourly prices and daily reservations available for your convenience.


¿How does the Hotel Barceló car park work in Huelva?

This Hotel Barceló car park in Huelva needs the license plate of the vehicle that is going to park, because the barrier will open with it, when the driver with the vehicle stands right next to the ticket vending machine.

This opening of the barrier is carried out by reading the license plate with the cameras, in order to quickly and automatically identify the vehicle, making it possible to enter the Hotel Barceló car park without any inconvenience.

When a person purchases a reservation for the Hotel Barceló car park, they will immediately be able to access the car park in Huelva simply and quickly, since they will be automatically registered in the access system.

When making a reservation within the Hotel Barceló car park system, you must communicate the day you will arrive and the number of days that the parking space will be needed.

Communication with the Huelva car park company can be done by email, by phone to the contact number or from the means indicated on this website.

How do subscriptions and reservations work?

When reserving Huelva parking, the person will be able to enter without problems by reading the license plate of their vehicle through the cameras.

In the event that it is in poor condition or dirty, you must withdraw an ordinary ticket from the access machine and go to the control booth of the Huelva center car park to manage the confirmed reservation.

Types of subscriptions and reservations

At iPark Hotel Barceló you can purchase the following season tickets and reservations:

  • BRH – High Season Reservation: This type of reservation is without a specific space, that is, Huelva parking is reserved without a specific space assigned. This is applicable only for stays during the high season months, which are June, July, August and September. It is best to make a reservation for the same days and nights that you will stay at the hotel.
  • For general access, the rate for this type of reservation is calculated per minute, with a maximum of 24 hours. This calculation in the Huelva car parks starts from the moment the vehicle enters the Huelva center car parks, taking the time of departure as a reference.

If there is any excess, a payment will be made directly to the car park. There is no schedule, so you can enter and exit as many times as necessary without problems.

  • Monthly subscription: It is a type of subscription that allows the parking of the vehicle in the Huelva car parks, during every day of a month at any time, that is, the person does not have any time restrictions to enter and leave.
  • BRH – 5-hour voucher: This is a subscription to park the car for 5 hours in this car park in Huelva, and, if you need more time, you only have to make a surcharge at the cashier for the difference. The reservation of this pass is without a specific place assigned.

Its use is restricted to a single entrance and exit of the vehicle in the parking area. The purchase of the subscription is made once the car is inside the Huelva center car park, so the ticket is taken when entering and is valid at the control booth.

  • BRH – Low Season Reservations: It is a reservation applicable for all months of the year, with the exception of the four months of high season. For this reservation, it is necessary to indicate the number of days of stay at the hotel and the day you arrive at it.

For access to the general public, this type of rate is calculated per minute, with a maximum of 24 hours. Said calculation starts from the moment the vehicle enters the car park in Huelva and is taken as a reference for the exit.

In the event of any type of excess, the time exceeded will be credited directly to the parking account. In this Hotel Barceló car park with this reservation you can leave and enter as many times as necessary.