Parkings in Málaga

iPark Las Yucas

Public parking, with staff and video surveillance. On Avenida de Andalucía and Calle Yucas, in the heart of Torre del Mar. We offer short- and long-term parking, with special discounts for online reservations.

Similarly, if you make your Reservation through our website, it is necessary that you establish the day of arrival and the Reservation time. This allows us to guarantee a great experience and excellent service.

  • C. Azucena, 29740 Torre del Mar, Málaga

iPark Plaza del Carmen

Public parking guarded and with the presence of staff. In the center of Vélez-Málaga under Plaza del Carmen. We offer rotation parking (by minutes), Reservations for days and Packages for months.

  • C. Portería del Carmen, s/n, 29700 Vélez-Málaga, Málaga

Car parks in Malaga

Traffic management is one of the main problems facing large urban centers today.

In this case, parking a car in Malaga can become an odyssey, especially during rush hour, if there is no space on the street to do so.

For this reason, Parking companies in Malaga, such as Ipark, offer you the opportunity to enjoy strategically located car parks in the center of this city, being able to park your car calmly while you carry out your daily tasks.

Why is it important to reserve Malaga parking?

Can you imagine going out in your car and when you arrive at your destination not having a single place to park? This is precisely what you can avoid by contracting the services of a Malaga Parkings company.

These types of companies manage the parking of cars, which circulate through the main road arteries of the city, which require a safe place to park.

In general, these companies contribute to the organization of traffic in Malaga, providing adequate space and authorization for a car to remain for a previously stipulated period of time.

Through the use of the parking center of Malaga you will be able to optimize your time and take advantage of it in a much more efficient way.

You just have to go to the Malaga center car parks with the location that suits you best and leave your car parked there.

In this way, you will enjoy a higher quality of life when visiting crowded areas and places, such as the city center, offices, hospitals, hotels, shopping centers, and many more.

So don’t hesitate to reserve Malaga parking from this website.

Book parking in Malaga

Taking your car and heading to your destination is not always an easy task to carry out, especially if it is an area where high traffic prevents you from parking calmly.

Fortunately, you can reserve car parks in Malaga center simply through this link, where you can access a wide range of services.

These will allow you to choose the most suitable Malaga center car park to leave your car while you go to work, go shopping or go about your daily routine.

Ipark has a long history of offering a complete variety of solutions, which include car parks or City Parkings in key areas located in the center of the city of Malaga.

On the other hand, this company also has Malaga car parks close to airports, land terminals and train stations, which function as a link that coordinates the mobility of people who visit or leave the city.

Where can I reserve parking in Malaga?

Nowadays, it is very easy to reserve parking in Malaga, you just have to visit the iPark page and enter the number plate of your car.

After acquiring the service in its subscription or reservation mode, you will become part of the database that will give you access to the car park system.

Subsequently, you must go to some of the Parkings in Malaga closest to your destination and from there to the area where the ticket dispenser is located.

In this place, a license plate reader camera will identify your car and give you access to the facilities.

When you contract this service, the website will show you the purchases you have made and a profile with your information, so that you can streamline the entire process in future purchases.

Malaga parking reservations are handled with a system that contemplates confirmation in advance, and you must indicate how many days of reservation you are going to contract and the day of your arrival.

Next, we present the location of the main car parks in Malaga center:

iPark Las Yucas

It is located in the heart of Torre del Mar, specifically on Avenida de Andalucía with Yucas street. This public Malaga car park has video surveillance and security personnel.

You can use the parking services for short and long stay periods. We recommend you make the contract online, to enjoy additional discounts.


iPark Plaza del Carmen

This Malaga center car park has personalized surveillance and has quite flexible contracting plans, highlighting the parking services through daily reservations, the vouchers valid for monthly periods and the car parks with rotation per minute.


iPark Pueblo Blanco

If you want to go to the city courts, then this car park in Malaga can be your best ally when carrying out procedures at the Civil Registry, the Police Station or the Torremolinos Cemetery.


iPark Parking Centro

It is the best option to choose to park the car when visiting the Torremolinos center or the places near the Plaza de la Independencia.