Parkings in Algeciras

iPark Mercado de Abastos

Secured public car park with on-site staff. Next to the Algeciras Food Market, we are also next to the Maritime Station. We offer long-stay parking with discounts of more than 50% for Ferry users, and for the general public.

  • Plaza Ntra. Sra. de la Palma, 16, 11201 Algeciras, Cádiz

iPark Parking Hispano

Parking located 600 meters from the Port of Algeciras (6 minutes walk) with the best rates in the city. Next to the train station and just 4 minutes from the Mercado de Abastos. We are the cheapest in the city: check it out!

  • Parking, Av. Gesto Por la Paz, 3, 11206 Algeciras


Algeciras is a city in the province of Cádiz, in Andalusia. Located on the Bay of Gibraltar, this town has a beautiful coastline and combines tourism with local culture and gastronomy. It is an ideal destination for those looking to soak up the Andalusian sun while discovering all that this Spanish city has to offer.

When you visit Algeciras you will not have to worry about where to park your car. iPark offers car parks throughout the city with its innovative mobility solutions and services. Your app shows you all available parking spaces near your destination and allows you to reserve them at any time. iPark makes it easy to find the best space in one of its Parkings in Algeciras without having to drive around looking for one.

The commercial area of Algeciras is full of shops and restaurants. There are many places to explore and discover the local gastronomy of Algeciras. Some of the best restaurants in the city are La Catedral de San Carlos, La Parrilla de Alfonso and Los Delfines del Mar.

Algeciras has a population of 181,000 inhabitants with an average annual temperature of 16ºC in winter and 24ºC in summer. It is divided into four districts: Algeciras Centro, Pueblo Nuevo, La Atunara and El Saladillo-El Peral.

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What are you waiting for? Visit Algeciras today and take advantage of iPark’s parking solutions. Enjoy the culture, gastronomy and beautiful scenery of this Mediterranean coastal city. You will not regret!