Parkings in Almería

Car parks in Almería

Do you need a parking space in Almería?

Parking in Almería can be difficult to find, but not with iPark: we have several car parks in Almería so you can choose the perfect one for your needs.

iPark offers a variety of parking options in the beautiful city of Almería; whether you are looking for a short-term or long-term car park, we have a space that will meet your needs.

Our parking spaces are close to the city center and other points of interest, so you won’t have to walk far to get where you need to be. In addition, our prices are very competitive, so you can save money while enjoying your stay in Almería.

If you are going to be in Almería for a few days, book your car park in Almería with Ipark and save time and money by planning in advance. Enjoy a wonderful trip without spending time looking for parking.

Parking in Almería

iPark offers a wide range of car parks in Almería, including space reservation options and vouchers, so you don’t waste time looking for parking. Make your reservation with Ipark now and you will have a covered and secure parking. At Ipark you can book the best price to store your vehicle safely.

How does the Almería car park work?

The car parks in Almería require the registration of the vehicle when making the reservation, which is necessary when arriving at the car park in Almería, where the driver with his vehicle must stand next to the ticket vending machine. In that place the cameras will read the license plate for identification and later the barrier will open, allowing the person to enter the Almería center car park without problems.

When reserving Almería car park or buying some type of season ticket, the person will be registered in our system, which makes it possible to control access to car parks in Almería in a very simple way.

When you make a reservation in the parking system in Almería, you must indicate the number of days corresponding to the reservation and the day of arrival.

How do subscriptions and reservations work?

In the car parks in Almería, subscriptions and reservations are made by contacting via email, from this same website or by phone call to make the purchase and reservation, enabling the automatic opening of the barrier by reading the license plate.

Remember that, if the license plate is dirty or has some type of imperfection and the barrier cannot be opened, you must take the ticket from the vending machine and go through the control point of the Almería center car park to formalize the access of the vehicle and the reserve.

In this way, the most recommended way to avoid any inconvenience is to go through the control point in order to withdraw the physical card of the subscription made.

Types of subscriptions and reservations

In the car park in Almería there are the following types of vouchers and reservations:

  • Night pass: This type of pass is characterized by reserving Almería parking without a specific space assigned. In case of executing the parking outside the schedule, either of exit or entrance, you cannot make the compensation with that of another day, therefore, the person must go through the cashier making the payment for time exceeded, when leaving the schedule. established. But, during business hours, you can come and go as many times as you like.
  • BICI month: In case your vehicle is a bicycle and you do not have a place in your house or parking lot to park it, this subscription is ideal for that. It is also useful if you regularly move in one and do not have a place to leave it. In these car parks in Almería you will have at your disposal a space where you can park it with a key and under surveillance.
  • Afternoon pass: This is a pass in which you can reserve Almería parking without a specific space. The person must pay the time exceeded in case of entering or leaving outside the schedule, so they cannot make a compensation with a subscription for another day. Remember that you can enter or leave the Almería center car park during the afternoon, as many times as necessary.
  • Complement for “exceeded”: This type of payment consists of being able to park in the car park in Almería during extended hours without the need to pay when exceeding the hours. The person is given the possibility of making an extension during night hours.
  • Motorcycle pass: Motorcycles can be parked in the Almería center car park. When making the reservation, the person must go to the control point in order to request their subscription physically, since both entries and exits are made with the license plate reading.
  • Month subscription – 24 hours: You can enter and exit as many times as you want without problems during the contracted period of time. This reservation in the Almería car park does not have a specific space defined. This subscription to the car park in Almería covers the whole day without time limitations.
  • Labor subscription: with this reservation in the Almería car park you can enter and exit as many times as necessary during the day but without a specific assigned space. In case of leaving the schedule, they must pay the time exceeded.
  • Reserved: In the car parks in Almería, this type of subscription is made for established days, allowing the person to leave and enter as many times as necessary during the timetable of the Almería center car park. No specific space is assigned when booking Almería parking.

Almería: some numbers

The province of Almería, which has a population of approximately 730,000 inhabitants, 200,000 of whom live in the city of Almería, is home to numerous outstanding Arab monuments; Jairán’s fortifications and cisterns are just two examples of the Arab history of the region.

The tourist attractions of Almería

The Almería coast is known for its beautiful beaches and its mild climate; The Alcazaba of Almería stands out, especially if you are a fan of Game of Thrones, since it has been used in some scenes, or the Jayrán wall or the Cathedral of the Incarnation, which stands out for its elegant design.

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