Parkings in Bilbao

Car parks in Bilbao

At present, the dynamics of each day in large cities are usually quite complicated, especially when it comes to transfers and displacements.

There are multiple traffic jams that occur in numerous avenues, especially those located in large cities such as Bilbao.

In this case, the car parks in Bilbao are very important since more and more places on the surface are scarcer.

Is it difficult to find parking in Bilbao?

Bilbao is an example of this chaotic traffic situation in big cities. Being a city between mountains in a small valley, its narrowness makes it difficult to move through it, despite the highways it has.

That is why finding a car park in Bilbao, where you can keep your car without it suffering any kind of mishap, is usually somewhat complicated, mainly in the center, one of the busiest areas of the city.

That is why making use of the car parks in Bilbao in an effective way will allow you to park your vehicle without any inconvenience.

In a city where the vehicle fleet is growing so rapidly and parking spaces are not growing at the same speed, the most logical consequence is that you should make a reservation at one of the Bilbao car parks.

Why use a car park?

Some of the reasons why it is ideal to park your car in a central Bilbao car park is that:

  • You will not have to worry about parking in the wrong place and having your car towed, having to pay a fine, go to the parking lot and do the paperwork so that they can return the vehicle to you.
  • It will be close to the economic and commercial heart of the city, you can solve everything easily, walking a few meters, you will save money on fuel, you will complete your tasks much faster.
  • Avoid possible theft of your car. Unfortunately, this is a practice that is gaining more strength every day in the largest cities in our country and although Bilbao is not usually one of the cities with the most cases, it is a latent risk.
  • In addition, parking on the street can cause your car to deteriorate over time, due to the different variations in weather throughout the 4 seasons of the year. Sun, rain and snow are factors that very slowly affect the bodywork of your vehicle.
  • When parking on the street you can be a victim of vandalism, protests or find yourself with scratches on the paint, hit by other vehicles, dents, and more.

So, to avoid these risks, it is best to get a space in a Bilbao car park, much better if it is in the city center area. Do you prefer to leave your vehicle at the risk of all these factors?

In this case, one of the most outstanding car parks in Bilbao, where you can not only park cars, but also vans and motorhomes, is the iPark Madariaga.

Can I reserve a seat at iPark Madariaga?

Yes, it is the ideal way. Booking your space in this Bilbao car park in advance is ideal so that you don’t have to manage everything at the last minute when time is short, unnecessarily wasting your most valuable resource.

By reserving a space in a car park in the city center, you can be sure that your car will remain in a suitable place, minimizing the risks that it may suffer if you leave it on public roads.

So, if you are looking for car parks in Bilbao where you can reserve your space in advance, so that when you get to the area, you already have it without having to waste time looking for a free space, iPark Madariaga is the ideal.

We have different use plans tailored to your needs, so that you can acquire your place, either for an overnight stay, for long hours or for short periods of time, as occurs when taking your children to school.

You can make your reservation by email or telephone, or from this website. You just have to pay with your Visa or MasterCard credit card.

How does the Bilbao center parking service work?

Acquiring our parking services in the center of Bilbao is a fairly simple and easy process to do.

Then, choose the Bilbao center car park plan of your choice, within the variety that we present to you.

Click on the ‘Buy’ option and a screen will appear with some lines in which you will have to enter the necessary information to complete the purchase (vehicle registration, dates on which you will use it, and more.)

Once the purchase is made, you will have access to the system and that’s it, you can manage your access according to the package you have purchased.

When you arrive at the Bilbao car park, you automatically access and consult our rates in the section designated for this purpose, so you can properly plan your purchase.