Parkings in Cádiz

iPark Parking Telegrafia

Telegrafía Car Park is located in Plaza Telegrafía sin Hilos, s/n, 11010 Cadiz. Open for short stay  use by minutes and packages. Reservations for days are also accepted

  • Plaza Telegrafía sin Hilos, s/n, 11010 Cadiz

iPark Garaje América

The new “Garaje Ámerica” is now a newly built Car Park. The Car Park is open for short-stay use by minutes and by months (packages). Reservations for days are also accepted.

  • Av. Andalucía, 59, 11008 Cádiz

iPark Puerta de Gibraltar

  • Avda veinte de Abril, 20 113000 La Linea de la Concepción, Cadiz

Card parks in Cadiz

If you belong to the wonderful port city of Cadiz and you want to know the closest, most reliable parking centers with favorable locations, then look no further, since there are plenty of places to park your car here.

We offer you the best information about the car parks in Cádiz and you will know their addresses (with reference points), availability of hours and payment plans and reservations.

If you need a car park in the center of Cádiz to be able to enjoy the city in peace, keep reading!

Mercado de Abastos and Ferry Parking

If you are looking for a space near the Cádiz maritime station, thanks to iPark you can park your car in the Ferry car park, also known as the Mercado Parking.

It is a quite popular vehicle protection and security enclosure in the Algeciras area, which is a public parking lot. Now, we will indicate the essential information about this car park in Cádiz.


The car park in Cádiz has a fairly pleasant location, whose accessibility is feasible due to its most important landmark: the Algeciras maritime station.

The port of Algeciras is only 6 minutes away from this covered car park, which is the second largest complex in Spain and one of the largest in Europe in terms of freight traffic.

On the other hand, the Mercado de Abastos de Algeciras is next to this Mercado-Ferry car park, it is also known as Mercado Ingeniero Torroja.

It is a highly recognized commercial property in Cádiz, near the Plaza Baja, and a Heritage of Spanish Cultural and Historical Interest.

The formal address of the car park in Cádiz for you to look on a map is: Plaza Nuestra Señora de la Palma, 16, 11201, Algeciras, Cádiz.


The rotation prices per minute and daily maximum of one of the car parks in Cádiz, are segmented as follows:

  • The first 40 minutes will have a billing of 0.045 euros per minute.
  • From minute 41 to 300, it will have an average value of 0.032 euros, and then it will be reduced to 0.025 euros per sixty seconds.
  • The hour will be set at 2.40 euros and the daily amount at 15 euros in the Ferry parking lot.

Subscription plans and reservations

  • Bookings. Booking Cádiz parking is solved in the Mercado de Abastos car park from 14.25 euros.
  • Labor payment. From 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. you can park in a space from Monday to Saturday in the parking lot.
  • Monthly payment. A special subscription for you to occupy a place every day, without time restrictions, from 63 euros.
  • Motorcycle pass. From 28 euros you can protect your motorcycle daily without limitations of time and attention.

Additional data

The Cádiz center car park has a lift, a couple of electric recharging spaces, a fixed schedule of 24 continuous hours and a maximum height allowed for vehicles of 2.2 metres.

Parking Garaje América

One of the newest car parks in Cádiz. The garage offers you a good location and modest rates for reservations and subscriptions, with means of digital transactions.

Therefore, in this section we will show you the information you need to find and select a suitable parking plan in the Garaje América car park.


The new Cádiz car park has Avenida Andalucía as its main location reference. An important route and land commercial route of the province with a great diversity of businesses, and with a lot of pedestrian traffic.

The Garage América car park facilities are located at the following simplified address: Av. Andalucía 59, 11008 Cádiz.

Rotational prices per minute and daily

In this segment we will mention the official prices so that you can book a Cádiz car park. It should be noted that Garaje América classifies the amounts by season (summer and winter).

In winter, the rate of rotation of the Cádiz center car park is divided from 1 to 597 minutes at 0.0250 euros and 15 euros per day.

Meanwhile, parking in summer is segmented into three amounts: 1 hour charges 0.0325 euros, 2 hours 0.03 euros and from minute 121 to 690, it is 0.0250 euros. On the other hand, the day costs 18 euros.

Reservation and subscriptions

Discounts for daily reservations in our Cádiz car parks, which can range from 10% to 35% for online booking (one day is 18 euros and online is 16.20).

  • Labor payment. In this modern parking lot you can park from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM, contracting this plan starts at 45 euros.
  • Bike ticket. From 12.50 euros you can store your bicycle in the special spaces in the garage.
  • School pass. With three non-cumulative hours during business days you can park your car.
  • Monthly payment. The 24-hour parking service in Cádiz for a whole month is available from 96 euros.

Extra data

The parking facilities in the center of Cádiz have an elevator and four spaces for electric recharging of cars. A standard schedule of 24 hours a day and a gauge of 2.3 meters.