Storage rooms use policies


This document establishes the rules regulating the use and enjoyment of leased storage rooms by iPARK ESTACACIONAMIENTOS Y SERVICIOS DE MOBILIDAD, SAU | CIF (Tax ID Code) A01516640 | Camino de las Ceudas, 2bis – 28232 Las Rozas de Madrid (Madrid) and any of its subsidiaries, hereinafter the “LESSOR”.

The LESSEES, as natural or legal persons who acquire the right to use the storage room in exchange for a periodic payment, are subject to the following conditions:


  1. The LESSEE shall be obliged to pay the LESSOR the price established in the offer and/or the contract during the term thereof.
  • If the service is engaged at the Car Park itself, the charge will be made monthly between the 1st and 10th of each month by direct debit or by charging the fee to a credit/debit card on the 1st of each month.
  • If the service is engaged online, the charge to the credit/debit card shall occur immediately after the purchase and shall be repeated with the stipulated periodicity during the term of the contract.
  1. Should thirty (30) days elapse without payment being made, the contract shall be understood to have been terminated, and the LESSOR may access the storage room, remove the items found therein and make use of the storage room.
  2. Cancellation of this contract, even if temporary, does not guarantee subsequent renewal.
  3. The prices of the storage room services will be valid during the current year and may be revised by the LESSOR at least once a year and with a minimum notice of 30 days.
  4. The LESSOR reserves the possibility of not renewing the storage rooms beyond the period established in the contract.
  5. Contracts entered into in the Car Park dated between the 1st and 14th of each month, inclusive, must be paid for the full amount of the month. Otherwise, the amount will be prorated based on the number of days of the pertinent calendar month. In the case of online contracts, the contract period will always be from date to date.


  1. The LESSEE may not assign or sublet, in whole or in part, the contract or any of the obligations and rights thereof.
  2. The LESSEE will use the storage room exclusively for the storage and deposit of non-degradable immovable goods. Any other type of use, such as housing, workshop or storage of perishable products, liquids, dangerous goods or living beings, even temporarily, is expressly prohibited. The LESSEE will be liable for the damages that the LESSOR may suffer due to a breach of the foregoing.
  3. The LESSEE may not connect any device requiring electricity.
  4. The LESSEE is completely prohibited from undertaking any type of installation, work or painting in the leased premises unless the Car Park authorizes him/her to do so.
  5. The lease refers only to the closed space of the storage room, and the door must always be kept locked.
  6. The LESSEE declares that he/she knows and accepts these Conditions of Use, and also declares that he/she knows the physical characteristics of the storage room. In the same manner, he/she undertakes to comply with the obligations that both the By-laws of the Community of Owners and the Municipal Ordinances establish with regard to these matters.


  1. To resolve any incidents that may arise, the LESSEE must contact the Car Park agents in person or through the intercoms.


  1. The LESSEE shall be able to access the area 24 hours a day, both on foot and by vehicle, with the gauge allowed in the Car Park.
  2. The LESSEE shall have a personal and non-transferable card assigned to his/her storage room subscription to be able to access the Car Park with his/her vehicle for one hour a day. In case of loss or misplacement, he/she must notify this immediately in one of these three ways: the parking email address | | Central Parking Control.
  3. In the event of loss or deterioration of the assigned card, as well as for the issuance of duplicates, the user must pay €10, VAT included, for each new card.
  4. The LESSEE may authorize up to two license plates to use the storage room.
  5. Access to any vehicle other than those authorized under the conditions of the contract shall not be allowed.
  6. If he/she wishes to access the storage room with a vehicle other than those authorized, he/she must do so as a rotation customer and pay for the stay according to the prices per minute stipulated in the current rate, without the right to any subsequent refund.
  7. Should the storage room be accessed using a vehicle, he/she will have a maximum of one hour free. After this period, he/she must pay for the stay according to the prices per minute stipulated in the current rate.
  8. LESSEES who do not carry their card when accessing the Car Park must go to the Control Center to obtain a duplicate card or pay for parking at the current rate.
  9. The LESSEE will place his/her vehicle in a single space. If he/she occupies two spaces when parking, the occupation of the second space will be charged at the price of the current rotation rate.
  10. Vehicle access will not grant priority entry to the Car Park if other vehicles are waiting beforehand.


  1. The LESSEE client may cancel the lease at any time by sending a notification in this regard to the parking email or to Should this be done, he/she shall have until the end of the month to remove all the objects stored in the storage room so that the storage room can be used the day after the expiration date by a new client/user. Objects not withdrawn will be considered to have been ‘abandoned’ and, therefore, the LESSOR may dispose of them freely.
  2. If the storage conditions are not met, the LESSOR may terminate the contract with a notice of five (5) days.
  3. The rejection of a direct-debit payment implies the immediate loss of the right to enjoy the storage room, and the existing contract may be terminated.
  4. If the storage room services have been engaged in-person, the LESSEE shall put down a deposit equivalent to one month’s payment, which will be returned at the end of the said contract (if the service has been engaged online, no deposit shall be put down).
  • Early termination of the contract by the LESSEE will mean the loss of the deposit in favor of the LESSOR.
  1. The LESSEE must return the storage room in the same state in which it was received, covering all damages that exceed ordinary wear and tear to leave it in the same conditions. Under Article 1563 of the Spanish Civil Code, the LESSOR may keep the deposit to cover the damages.


  1. Once the storage room service has been engaged and the payment made in advance, the amount for the service not provided will only be refunded if it is due to causes directly attributable to the LESSOR.


  1. The LESSOR shall not be held responsible for material goods deposited by the LESSEE in the storage room.
  • Our insurance policy does not cover their content and, therefore, we advise LESSEES to declare the said content in their home insurance policies.
  • The CLIENT, therefore, exonerates the LESSOR from any liability derived from any incident, accident or controversy that may arise due to the storage of this type of goods and waives, therefore, any claim derived therefrom, the deposit of the aforementioned assets being at his/her own risk, unless there has been a fraud, fault or negligence on the part of the LESSOR, in which case the liability of the LESSOR is limited to a maximum of three monthly payments.


  1. For the purposes of Organic Law 3/2018 of December 5, on the Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights, we inform the LESSEE that:
  • The personal data provided to us by completing this registration form will be incorporated into a file owned by iPARK ESTACIONAMIENTOS Y SERVICIOS DE MOVILIDAD, SAU.
  • The purpose of collecting this data is to manage his/her contract.
  • The said data may be used by iPARK ESTACIONAMIENTOS Y SERVICIOS DE MOVILIDAD, SAU for commercial, statistical or operational purposes.
  • He/she may exercise his/her rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by writing to iPARK ESTACIONAMIENTOS Y SERVICIOS DE MOBILIDAD, SAU | Camino de las Ceudas, 2bis – 28232 Las Rozas, Madrid or