Parkings in Agualva-Cácem

iPark Parque Central

Next to the Agualva Shopping Mall and the Agualva e Mira Sintra Parish Council, it is the best covered car park in Cacem. We serve the shopping center, the shops and offices in the area and the resident neighbors. We also have a special agreement with Pingo Doce so that their clients can park for free

  • R. Pedro Álvares Cabral 7, 2735-076 Agualva-Cacém, Portugal

Card parks in Agualva-Cacém

A large number of people usually look for the Agualva-Cacém car park option to be able to park their cars quietly.

This town, which has about 81,845 inhabitants, incorporates 4 parishes: Agualva, Cacém, Mira-Sintra and San Marcos, which has had a significant demographic increase in recent years.

For this reason, it is necessary to look for parking in advance in this town: in Agualva-Cacém, the streets are quite busy, so it is somewhat reckless to risk visiting the city without first reserving a parking space.

In fact, people often look for information about Agualva-Cacém downtown parking alternatives, because the central area is full almost all the time.

For this reason, your best option is to reserve the Agualva-Cacém car park well in advance.

iPark City – Parque Central: the best location in Agualva-Cacém

En la Rúa Pedro Álvares Cabral 7, 2735-076,

Agualva-Cacém you will find this Parking in Agualva-Cacém. It is a very well located parking space, as it is close to many important and central sites in the city.

Among the various Agualva-Cacém car parks, the iPark City – Parque Central combines several interesting factors. The first thing is that it is located near the following places:

  • Mercado Municipal do Cacém
  • Fonte Das Eiras
  • Abelheira
  • Bairro Alegre
  • Grajal

In addition, from this Agualva-Cacém car park you can take a taxi or transport routes to other important areas. It is a service that combines the characteristics of the Agualva-Cacém city center car park and excellent opening hours, as well as affordable prices with reservation.

Some facts about iPark City – Parque Central

This car park in Agualva-Cacém works with rotation rates per minute combined with a daily maximum (there is a daily cost cap).

In this case, it is a car park that is perfect to use for several days, with the advantage of reserving a space in advance.

It has excellent and comfortable 24/7 hours and has an elevator, which allows you to move between the different levels of the car park. An important fact: the gauge (maximum height of the vehicles) is 2.1 meters.

Another important clarification is that it still does not have spaces for recharging electric vehicles. Likewise, point out the following ways of contacting the administrators of this Agualva-Cacém car park:

  • email
  • phone +351 215 892 753.

Excellent service and attention to customers in Agualva-Cacém

Among the various Agualva-Cacém car parks, this car park is a good recommendation.

Perhaps the best parking option is Agualva-Cacém center, since the structure of the site is excellent, in addition to allowing users to make reservations and payments quite comfortably.

It is important to point out that the process to reserve Agualva-Cacém parking can be done online.

Likewise, this place to park is very safe, since the entrance is quite supervised: only those who have reserved and the employees of this Agualva-Cacém car park enter. In addition, we have these data that you should know:

  • The first piece of information to request this service is the vehicle registration number, which is recorded on the list of cars that will be in the car park.
  • Then, it is necessary to give the data of the user who drives the car. That person is the one authorized to enter and exit the car. This is important!
  • The corresponding payment is made to reserve the Agualva-Cacém car park, thus receiving the corresponding Reservation or Subscription.
  • When arriving at the car park, the license plate reading cameras identify the car and open the barrier. It’s that simple!

In other Agualva-Cacém car parks, the options for reservation or subscription are more limited. On the other hand, in this case the client has many comforts.

The site is strategically located in a central area, with payment and reservation options in advance and through the web.

However, something else is added to the above: this Agualva-Cacém car park allows both payments by minute rotation, as well as reservations for specific days, or through monthly subscriptions. This last option is for constant users of this car park in Agualva-Cacém.

The advantage of reservations for days and monthly subscriptions

The option of an Agualva-Cacém car park in the center of the city and at affordable prices is undoubtedly in great demand.

For this reason, it is better to reserve this service to park the car without problems when arriving at this town. This reservation must be made well in advance:

  • Agualva-Cacém parking can be reserved by contacting the Internet, indicating the dates on which you need to park. A fee is paid for each full day (24 hours) of use of the car park.
  • Likewise, this Agualva-Cacém car park has the option of reserving only a few hours on a certain date. For example, being able to park for a certain time in the morning, afternoon or at night.
  • Lastly, subscriptions are accepted for the monthly use of this car park. An option to maintain a permanent position in this service that combines an Agualva-Cacém car park in the city center and proximity to important sites.

Therefore, you should not miss this opportunity to reserve the Agualva-Cacém car park with an excellent location, good prices, convenient opening hours and several ways to reserve.

Without a doubt, it is the best way to have a secure car park when visiting, working or residing in this city.