José Barnés Parking


  • We cannot show our rates at the moment.

  • Schedule: 24/7
  • Elevator: Yes
  • Electric charging stations: No
  • Maximum height: 1,90 m



+34 968 237 132


Calle Mar Menor S/N 30009 Murcia


Parking José Barnés


José Barnés


  • We cannot show our rates at the moment.

  • Schedule: 24/7
  • Elevator: Yes
  • Electric charging stations: No
  • Maximum height: 1.90 m

Reservations and packages


Reserve the hours you will use the parking

Reservations for days. Reservations and payments in advance.


Packages for the night

The package allows you to park every day of the month, at night. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays you can park 24 hours.


Full-month package

Use our car park every day of the month, 24 hours a day.

How does it work?

  • It is necessary to enter the LICENSE PLATE of the vehicle when purchasing any product.
  • When making the Reservation or when purchasing the Pass, we will register you in the access control system of the Parking. It’s that easy!
  • When you arrive at the Car Park, stand next to the ticket dispenser. License plate reading cameras will identify you and open the barrier. You can now enter!
  • At checkout, you can see your purchases made and your personal information on your personal page. You can save it for future purchases.
  • When you make a Reservation, you must indicate the day of arrival and the number of days of reservation.

José Barnés Parking: Comfort and Accessibility in Murcia

Strategically located on Mar Menor Street, José Barnés Parking stands out as one of the most modern and accessible car parks in Murcia. With a focus on customer convenience and a strong commitment to accessibility, this parking is not just a place to leave your car; it’s the starting point for a comfortable and carefree experience in the city.

A Parking for Everyone: Accessibility and Convenience

With 585 spaces available, José Barnés Parking has been designed with everyone in mind. In addition to having spacious spaces for any type of vehicle, it offers specially designed accesses for wheelchairs and people with reduced mobility, ensuring that each user can access and exit the site without complications.

Affordable Rates by Municipal Agreement

In an effort to maintain quality and accessibility, 360 of the 585 spaces come with a special rate of €1.8/hour, the result of a proactive agreement with the Murcia City Council. This approach makes parking an ideal choice not only in terms of location but also economy.

Open 24 Hours: Always at Your Disposal

Understanding the dynamic needs of the city’s visitors, the parking remains open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you are in Murcia for leisure or business reasons, you can count on José Barnés Parking at any time to protect your vehicle while you meet your commitments.

Proximity to Points of Interest: More Than Just Parking

The location of José Barnés Parking is unmatched, being within walking distance of the famous Fofó Park, several sports complexes, hospitals, and a vibrant dining and shopping area. This proximity makes it the perfect place to park your vehicle and run errands on foot, enjoying the best that Murcia has to offer.

A Focus on Security

Security is a priority at José Barnés Parking. The establishment is equipped with modern surveillance systems and competent security personnel, ensuring that your vehicle is protected at all times. Additionally, proper lighting and constant maintenance ensure that users feel safe, no matter the time.

Easy to Use and Book

In the digital age, José Barnés Parking is not left behind. Through its system, users can check space availability in real-time and make reservations online. This efficient system eliminates the need for unnecessary waiting and provides a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Committed to the Environment

In addition to its commitment to accessibility and customer comfort, José Barnés Parking alsocares about the environment. With initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint and a structure designed to minimize environmental impact, it is a responsible choice for environmentally conscious drivers.

Testimonials from Satisfied Users

José Barnés Parking not only meets its promises but exceeds them. Testimonials from satisfied users highlight the ease of access, security, and friendliness of the staff, factors that, combined, ensure an exceptional experience for all users.

Your Best Parking Option in Murcia

Whether you visit Murcia for a few hours or need a safe place for your vehicle for several days, José Barnés Parking is undoubtedly your best option. With its combination of strategic location, affordable rates, focus on security, and commitment to customer satisfaction, it sets a new standard for city car parks. Leave your car in reliable hands and enjoy your stay in Murcia with complete peace of mind.