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Valid from Monday to Friday (except holidays)

Once you enter the car park, the hours accumulate until you reach the daily limit of 12 hours

You can go in and out during the day as many times as you need: when you go out, the “counter” stops; and when you come back, it starts up again

If you exceed the contracted hours, you cannot compensate them with those of another subscription day. You must go through the cashier to pay the “exceeded”

The subscription is without reservation of place, that is, a specific place is not assigned.

It does not grant preferential access rights over other users

The opening is by reading license plates. When you reach the barrier, it will open automatically.

If the barrier does not open for some reason (for example, if the license plate is dirty, dented, etc.), use the QR code of your reservation. If it doesn’t work, take the ticket from the dispenser and go to the control booth.

The prices shown already include the discount.