Reservations For days

Please choose the dates of your stay

Reservations are calculated by calendar days, that is, from 00:00 hours on the day of arrival at the car park, until 24:00 on the day of departure.

For example, if you enter a Friday and leave on Sunday it would be three (3) days.

Retroactive bookings are NOT allowed.

The Reserve guarantees entry and parking, but no specific space is assigned.

During the duration of the reservation, you can enter and exit with the car as many times as you need.

The opening is conducted by license plate reading. When you reach the barrier, it will open automatically.

If the barrier does not open for some reason (for example, if the license plate is dirty, dented, etc.), take the Package from the dispenser and go through the control booth.

To avoid any incident, we recommend that you go through the control booth at any time and take out a physical card.

The prices shown already include the discount.

If you need more Reservation days, please contact us.

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