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The VIP Pass with Reserved Parking Space is the only subscription that is associated with a specific parking space. A parking space for you only!

Choose the starting date and the number of consecutive weeks you are going to use (from 1 to 4 weeks). If you need it for a longer period, you have to buy another VIP Pass.

The subscription allows you to park 24 hours a day during the whole rental period, as well as to go in and out as many times as required.

The parking spaces are located in Basement -2, in a reserved area, with its own access control system. Therefore, when you arrive, you must go through the control cabin, where you will be given both your assigned parking space number and your access card.

The opening is by reading license plates. When you reach the barrier, it will open automatically.

If the barrier does not open for some reason (for example, if the license plate is dirty, dented, etc.), take the ticket from the dispenser and go to the control booth.

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